We are proud to present to you our vision of Camp Gullion, an innovative and dynamic language summer school. Our idea is much more than an “English language camp”, it’s a social, cultural and linguistic experience in the heart of the Ring of Gullion, one of Ireland’s most unique and beautiful places.

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1 to 1 Student Ratio

Over 13 days the 50 Catalan students who attend Camp Gullion will participate in a wide range of activities focused on creating endless opportunities to interact with 50 Native Irish students and learn English along the way!

Live the Language

“Use a language to learn it, learn a language by using it”. Our summer camp brings international and Irish children together in two weeks of activities, with English as the common language. By participating together in small, mixed groups in the varied and dynamic activities we offer the children learn with, and from, each other.

Complete Immersion

Camp Gullion, named after the Ring of Gullion a designated Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is bases in the small village of Mullaghbawn. Our students will spend their two weeks not only with the local children of the same age but also interacting with the families and life of the village as a whole. They can go to the shops, attend cinema evenings, play local sports and meet local people in a safe, controlled environment all through English!

Value for money

Investing in English is investing in your child’s personal and professional future. Camp Gullion works hard to provide its services, as a linguistic camp of excellence, at a price that is affordable to the families who choose to send their children to us. The savings we negotiate with the local businesses that support us are passed on directly to our clients.








“Unforgettable week sharing cultures and building relationships. Our students will always remember the experience of being able to get into the day to day life of the Irish children in such a welcoming way”

Anna Ferrer, director of Ramon Lull School, Barcelona






“I was really touched bu the hospitality, warmth and welcome I received from the Irish children, their families and the village as a whole”

Jenni Walford, teacher, Barcelona







“My son had the best experience at Camp Gullion, He made Irish friends, had great experiences and he was absolutely made to feel welcome in lovely Mullaghbawn. He was immersed in Mullaghbawn life from day one, using and learning English in a natural environment”

Marta Marrimon, mother, Barcelona









“Hola! Excited to see what this year’s camp will bring!! Every year gets better. Looking forward to making new friends and reconnecting with my old friends”

Cliodhna Murphy, Mullaghbawn Primary School











“Very excited to make new friends and see some of my old ones again!”

Pauric Garvey, Mullaghbawn Primary School





The Camp Experience…



Cormac Walsh has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2007 and has taught English, and communication skills, to learners of all ages from Very Young Learners to university professors. Cormac is the director, and founder, of Global English a company that provides after school English classes to students from nursery through to pre university. Cormac holds a masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and is the co-director of Camp Gullion.
Ryan Hamill has been a teacher since 2008 and has experience working in Ireland as a primary school teacher as well as having spent four years teaching English through the British Curriculum in several private schools in Madrid. Ryan is the owner and director of Living Languages, a company which provides opportunities for English learners to experience complete English immersion stays in Ireland. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Education degree in primary school teaching as well as a masters degree in management.
Ring of Gullion






The Ring of Gullion ……

Ti Chulainn - House of Chulainn
We believe that language comes alive through the voices of children. Providing a safe place for kids to make friends, share experiences, live unforgettable moments and interact with each other entirely through English gives them a lifelong interest in language learning that’s impossible to achieve through academic learning alone.

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“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way” Frank Smith


There’s so much to do in our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty!

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